Hand-Hewn Log Dairy Barn - Part 5

We are raising the walls!!!  It is so much fun watching it go up, log by log.

It's awesome having Uncle Peter here. He brought some key tools he knew we would need, along with a wealth of information.

One of the cool tools he brought are tie tongs. Never knew such a thing existed before now. Since we have a male dominated household, everyone is fascinated with Uncle Peter's tools. The big boys let the little boys try their hand at the tie tongs the other day as we were getting logs set up for the next round on our wall.


JW1 and PW are on the front of the beam. MJW and JW2 manned the rear with daddy lending a helping hand. The beams were stored in our blacksmith shop as Kit was able to get them hewed up over the last couple years. Now we are taking them out and over to the barn site. The tongs make this job a LOT easier. Four adults can move the large 24-foot logs without too much effort.


Then it was time for the men to actually get the job done, a little faster. Of course MJW hadn't had his fill yet so he made sure he was on every beam out.


Almost there!


It's two logs high now!!!


The wonderful little tool in the yellow box on the wall is a laser. This allows us to make sure each round of logs are the same height, so everything is level from side to side.


Sunrise over three rounds high.


An overview.


Some of the logs are too long, so we cut them the correct length with a two-man crosscut saw. These shorter lengths will be used to frame in our windows.


Four logs high now, and a bit of scaffolding is needed to reach the top of the walls.


The doors and windows are starting to take shape.


We are using a combination of hand tools and power tools to raise the barn.


Here CW learns to chisel dovetail notches with Uncle Peter. There's no better schooling than learning straight from the master.


He learns pretty quick.


I'm not sure if this is an expression of delight at the new barn; an expression of disgust at the thought of a routine change (heaven forbid); or just a "pardon me, I was trying to pick my nose!"

089 (2)-1.jpg

The rising sun shines through five logs high. Next post we should be putting the headers over the windows and doors and setting the floor support posts and beams. We hope you enjoyed this segment and look forward to "seeing" you next time! God Bless!