Miss Lilly Has Calved!


For the last month or so Miss Lilly has been most miserable. (Don't you love the rainbow?)


When you're nine months pregnant, and it's a hot day, all you want to do is stand next to the stock tank, wishing it was big enough to accommodate your oversized body!


MJW wanted to compare notes on who was hotter that day!


And that bag! Believe it or not her bag was even bigger last year due to edema. We were able to keep the edema to a minimum this year, but still . . .


We are sooooo done with this!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in the excitement of CW charging into the house one day, screaming that Miss Lilly had calved. But we all trooped out to the pasture where she did indeed have a gorgeous new calf on the ground.


We got her moved up to the corral and stanchion area where we could work on both of them easier. We gave Miss Lilly her molasses water and her calcium pill, which helps prevent milk fever, and milked out some colostrum for baby.


JW1's patience has finally been rewarded, after waiting through the last several calvings, to get the calf he wanted.


We allow each of the boys to have ownership of a calf and then decide whether to keep it for interest income on their investment, or to sell it and save, or reinvest the profits in another business.


Each of the boys also gets to name their own calf, hence our wide range of unique names around the homestead. So JW1 has decided to name his new "HEIFER" Blueberry.