A Funny Bull Story

Bull Snowball - 2.jpg

Bet ya'll can't figure out what the above picture is of?  Neither could we at first. So here is a Monday funny for you.

A few days ago, during our last snow up here on the hill, I was in the bedroom nursing our baby, when Kit came in shaking his head and chuckling. It seems for the last 10 to 15 minutes he had been watching Mr. Moon, our bull, out the living room window. Kit had caught sight of the bull running and jumping around, pushing something across the field with his head. Kit watched for a few minutes but couldn't figure out what was going on as the bull was a ways out. He grabbed the spotting  scope and watched Moony through it. Turns out the bull found a good-sized tree limb and was bashing it around and pushing it with his head. The snow, being of perfect snowball making consistency, was sticking to the limb, growing a bigger and bigger  snowball as Moony was pushing it and rolling it around in the snow. We were kinda shocked at how big he had gotten it. It was at least chest high on him! When I finished with the baby, and could grab the camera and run out the door, he saw me and wandered off pretending indifference, and offended that I would try to catch his big ultra ego in the act of doing something sooo beneath his perceived position in life!